Thursday, 9 September 2010

My Boys

Good morning crafty folk ,
Hope everyone is feeling well this morning, this is my hubby Chris and our furry kid Buzz, (he is the bear in Curlybear, sadly Curly is no long with us), on our short break in Bude it was so relaxing, it was nice to unwind,  we found this lovely dog walk it went on for miles, it was so peaceful, we all slept well that night I can tell you,  It was so nice to be surrounded but nothing but trees.

This next photo is just after the walk, it's Buzz on back at the Caravan, puffed right out, Bless him sat up on the sofa, he is a such a cheeky little what's it........ lol
Is this a state of bliss or what, just look at the naughtiness in his eye's the little beggar, and the Mona Lisa  Better go now peeps gotta get creative, take care of yourselves be safe............ Peace & hug's Bridget :)x


Anonymous said...

Hiya matey, love the pics...
Just want give Buzz a big cuddle...he's gorgeous

Dawn said...

Awww he is just adorable, I LOVE animals and your Buzz is indeed a furry bear!!