Saturday, 9 April 2011

Lucky little me.....

Hello Peeps I do hope that you have some glorious sunshine where ever you are today,
I have something I would like to share with you, and also something that I would really appreciate all of your  fine opinions and expertise on.
Firstly I was a lucky winner of some stunning blog candy from blogging buddy Cheryl,
I was lucky enough to win one of her gorgeous Mini books and this cute Belles and Whistles stamp, it arrived in the post yesterday but I didn't get chance to share this because that darn thing call work got in the way once more of my obsession so without further adieu......

Secondly I would really appreciate all of your honest opinions on what you are about to see.
I  was having a play and practising  with copics and pro markers, and I seem to keep laying down to much ink I think but its bleeding out.
and one one of the Sassy faces I was going for a shadowed face but it looks like she has fallen asleep on her side in a sun bed lol any help would be most gratefully received..... so here goes

I don't seem to be to good with the dark colours so any help is gratefully received, have a awesome weekend peeps 


McCrafty's Cards said...

Congrats on the blog candy enjoy your stamp, now I do use copic but i do use promarkers, what i do is i use a blender pen and lift a bit of colour on to the blender pen from the chesel end of the pen, you do have to keep doing it but it does work well, I hope this helps.
Kevin xx

jackid said...

Hi Bridget again as Kev said congrats on your win as for your PM's and the bleeding issue it could also be down to the card you are using as I know from experience if you use a bog standard card they do bleed I use the Neenah solar white card you can get it from C&C or Sheena Douglass but I think you can get it from other places too now this card is really good the colours bleed through to the back bit not over the edges if you get what I am saying other than that you can get card from laseret whio make PM's but it's a wee bit expensive but you don't get any bleed at all not even through the back hope this helps but it is just trial and error to find what suits
Jacki xx

Hlora said...

Congratulations with great cany you have got! Love it)))
Love your colouring too) It is brilliant!!! I wish I had the same images to make the cards with..))

Dotty Jo said...

Colouring images takes lots and lots of practice doesn't it! I find dark colours very difficult. Take a look at Kips Cards as Vicky is great at colouring. Also Meesh (who you can find on Vicky's sidebar) is amazing. I think you might need to change your paper. Some of my cheaper papers bleed. Sometimes you can correct it with the 'blender' pen, which acts a bit like an erazer. Hugs, Jo x

Cheryl said...

hi hun,so glad,you got the candy okay sweetie,I too use,the Nenah,card from,CAS which is just brilliant hun perfect,best I have tried,also for dark,colurs i lay the bleinding,pen down,first,wait for it,to dry,then add the colur to it,hugs cheryl x
ps if you want,a piece of that solar card,just,email,me and i send you a sheet,hugs cherylxxx

Vicky said...

Hi your images are fabulous. The skin tone on 1 of the sassy's & the LOTV has a lot of pink in which tends to make them look a bit sunburnt. We have a lot of colours in our skin but beiges can be better then finish with a blush on the pm's. The card you need needs to be super smooth cus you want the colour to lie on top of the card so that you dont have to rush colouring if you know what I mean hun. If colours lie for a little on top it makes it easier to blend & you wont get harsh lines. Neenah is good also letraset is but theirs is thin paper I've barely used mine crafts & me do a good one but sir stamp a lot does it in bigger packs & also crafty emma does a good one too. For the best tutorial then def go to Meeshka's blog her colouring is excellent & the colours she uses for skin is an excellent choice & looks more natural.
Hope this has helped hun I'm not an expert on this matter its just what I've learnt through my own trial & error sometimes its better to practice yourself with dif colours etc but def get a good smooth card....ones that are purposelly made for this if you get me lol.
Thanks for the fabby comment on my tute & thank you for becoming a follower. Soz for long message hun.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

Vicky said...

Hi its me again I've just had a browse on your blog & I just wanted to say that all your other images on your other makes are just gorgeous & to be honest your colouring is fabulous & so beautiful it really is. This is just my opinion but I dont think you need to change a thing or practice cus its perfect hun.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

Dora said...

Woo hoo well done on winning Bridget, that is a lovely prize. .. and I think your colouring is fantastic. I use promarkers and use my blender pen sometimes .. maybe you could try using it when you want to do darker colouring so you make some light in the picture. Wishing you a lovely Sunday xx