Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Little Miss Attitude....

Good Morning Peeps and how is everybody today.
Me I really don't know how I am functioning lol, I woke at 2 am to a howling
cat and do you think I could get back to sleep....Not a chance... 
I have an over active mind and struggle to get back to sleep, and then with sleep deprivation, I go to the corners of my mind....its scary in here lol..... where I over analyse everything, 
and nothing is safe... is this just me or do any of you also do this.
I do not feel at all human I am not sure this is even making sense :0(.

Anyhoo I would like to share a card with you peeps that I finished making yesterday...would it sound vain if I said I actually on the whole like this card, there are a couple of things that I could nit pick about
like her hair could be better and maybe her face but I think her clothes look pretty good.
I have entered this into the Make it Crafty colouring challenge, the theme this week 
is Dotty Backgrounds, I coloured Harlow from TGF Creeper Crew with Copic Markers,
the background papers are from my crafty stash and I cant remember for the life of me where
I bought them....

Thanks peeps for letting me waffle and thank god for music, itunes and Lady Ga Ga because it the only thing thats keeping me awake, 
I would try some Red Bull but I don't think that wings would suit me... lol
I am going to go an pass out on the sofa 
Have a lovely day and take care of yourselves 


Dotty Jo said...

Poor you! I'm also sleeping very badly at the moment so can sympathise big time. Great card, her clothes are brilliant and I love those goggles! Jo x

lindyloo said...

Hello hun yer I can sympathise too sleep what is that ....having trobule at the mo too onto your card its brilliant I love how you have coloured her take care hugs linda x

Cheryl said...

oh hun,you sound like me I too have problems sleeping and feeling weird,next doors dogs woke me this morning,funny at,3am and could not get back off,and my mind races like heck,
as for your card hun its just brilliant your coloring hun is just amazing hugs cheryl xxxx

alina said...

it's a very beautiful card, Bridget and I love your colouring, really wonderful!

(I know exactly what you mean when you say that you wake up early in the morning and you can't get back to sleep; in my case it has to do with a short of Vitamin D, I started last Friday to take pills and I have slept much better for three days now and I mean until 6.00 o'clock a.m. and this is a record!!!; so, I don't know, but maybe you have the same problem, I had no idea that a short of Vitamin D can cause such troubles! My doctor says that I have to take the pills two months and then to visit him again.)

Take care,

Janette said...

Great card Bridget, love the fab image and colouring too.....

Nothing worse than a broken nights sleep, always makes me feel so bad, how I coped when the kids were small is beyond

Dora said...

Hey sorry to hear about your unsleepy night .. you must be so tired now. Love your card I find your colouring fabulous, nothing wrong I think with her hair and face, I love it xxx