Monday, 9 May 2011

Whats on your work bench.... lol

Good Morning Peeps,
I hope that you are all had a lovely weekend, I had a quiet one Chris was working, so I did a little colouring to have a practise you can see some of it to the left of the photo, I just wanted to share this photo of my crafty bud Nahla, she is a little minx of a cat, she looks all sweet and innocent but I have a 9 stone dog that scared stupid of her lol,
she is such a little diva and thinks that your time is her time lol she is such a hormonal little girl, OK what I meant to say was bad tempered.....
What's the sayings "Dogs have owners and Cats have staff" well she does for sure lol

You can see that I have google open I had just finished leaving comments on a couple of blogging buddies and Nahla takes over, lol.

I also had a lovely surprise today I went onto the Crafts and Me blog and they have posted a card I made with Aliah so as you can guess I am over the moon.

So Peeps have a wonderful day 


samara Rachel Navi said...

haha! Hi Bridget!! What is a 9Stone dog? This is funny about your cat...and the saying about dogs and cats, I love it! I had 2 kittens (as a trial from a friend) and I'm afraid they went back to my friend because they ATE the corners of my theology books!!! They were called scrappy and happy and were simply adorable but wouldn't stay off my art and hands when I was crafting and off my dogs (it made my dogs insane because they'd attach themselves to my dog's collars) and really and truly ate the corners off my angel cards, runes etc. and all my school books!!! I have labs...(sisters) and they are really well trained and just used to take the kittens gently by the scruff of the neck and toss them across the room. Of course the kittens thought this was hysterical and came back for more! The dogs WERE NOT IMPRESSED! I lasted 6 months and felt like I was THE MOTHER IN THE SHOE!!!! So I found your writing just the funniest in the world. You are a Vewy Vewy tolerant person! Now onto your art. Thank you for your generous comment yesterday, firstly. Your art is simply precious! Do you own the Secret Crafter shop...Do you sell these wide eyes beauties (I have yet to pop writing you first) I love your coloring and the cards on your blog. I'd love to subscribe BY EMAIL. I didn't find the gadget. Are you opposed to putting one on? Maybe I just didn't find it. It was great to meet you and will hopefully meet you again! All the best. Samara xox

samara Rachel Navi said...

Oh, I did become a follower tho! hee hee.