Monday, 19 August 2013

We have internet again yaaaaaaaaah

Hello my friends we have been without internet for the last week and a half
the connection kept dropping out so a very nice man from
BT came and got it sorted for us on Friday, we were lucky if we could get 
it to stay online for more that 2mins.
It was rather frustrating to say the least and I'm not known for my patience
when it come to inanimate objects or things of none living tissue.
the money i could have saved if only i had a little patience lol
I have intent on my phone but it so slow so I rarely use it so
peeps i will be by to say hello tomorrow. 

Take care for now good buddies 


Aunty Sue said...

oh we have missed your lovely cards but glad your back

Sandra H said...

That's brilliant to have your internet back xx