Monday, 18 August 2014

Creative Bloggers Hop

Good morning my lovelies, 
I have been asked by the lovely and very talented Squirrel
my boss and DT buddy over at Without Words Challenge,
you haven't heard of Without Words Challenge then please stop 
by we won't bite i promise :)
if I would like to be apart of a Creative Bloggers hop, Which is 
a continuous hop every Monday with a host of inspirational 
bloggers taking part.

Its relatively easy all you have to do is answer four questions!!.
Thats kinda of easy if you are confident in the piece's you create.
If I haven't lost you yet :) then here are the answers to my four questions.

1. What are you working on at the moment?

Ive been working on getting a few up and coming Birthday cards 
ready and my DT cards done a couple of months in advance, 
because we are getting a new playmate for our boy Dexter next Monday
and she's a handful already lol.
I am also working on perfecting hair colouring, I haven't managed it yet
so I guess I will have to practise .
I am trying to be completely happy with my work, for me
its a near impossible task.

2 How does my work differ from other in my Genre?

To be honest i don't think it does, I just
do what feels comfortable to me, I did try to use more 
embellishments such as dies and flowers but I'm never 
really sure if its too much or not enough, so what I tend to do is put the 
card on the mantle and  if it looks good from the distance then
 thats how it stays.

3. Why do I Create what I do?

Completely addicted to Stamps and Digi's and paper, my paper 
addiction started when I was young, I was never an artist but 
I just loved paper, then Create and Craft TV and the internet
came along and that was it, it opened up a whole new world for me,
and my DH wallet to the fantastic
world of craft, I saw people like myself, not artists in the 
way of Van Gogh or Monet, 
but artistic, they could make beautiful cards and things and 
they could colour amazingly and had a an eye for colour.

4.How does your creative process work?

To be really corny now, its to see the look on the peoples faces
when they open their card, I try to be specific for the person that I 
make the card for, if they love Animals them they get cute and fluffy and so on, 
I'm also a temperamental crafter if I'm not happy then I cannot make a thing 
if I pick up a Copic and the colouring goes wrong then I just 
walk away and come back tomorrow if you get my drift. 

So now its my turn to nominate, there are supposed to be three
nominee's, I have at the moment only one,
I was very late asking two very lovely ladies last night,
I've been suffering from headaches a little this week and thats why 
my asking was so last minute, I am still awaiting their reply and I 
will update my post as soon as they do so.

I've been a fan of Coop's work since I joined Do crafts back in 2007
she is also Word Bird. I nominated coops because, I love the clean lines
on her cards her use of colour and colouring
 and how she embellishes them too, she is one of my 
embellishment heroines.
What inspires me even more about Coops is that she is a  
working Mum and she still finds time to craft and make 
beautiful works of art.

Thanks for reading through until the end
and thanks so much for stopping by
Have a great day my friends
Hugs Bridget :) xx

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coops said...

hiya Bridget,
Loved reading your answers and thanks for thinking of me and your kind words, i am sorry i could not take part today but i will make up for it next week.My new keyboard has been ordered but it has not shipped yet (still stuck in processing) so fingers crossed it arrives in the next few days :D
Hugs Nic.xxxxx