Sunday, 6 September 2015

Oh my what a week...

Hello peeps its been a bit of a sad week in our house this week
we had to have Nahla PTS early hours of Tuesday morning, 
because she woke me, she was in the middle of a convulsion,
Im not sure how long she had been having them,
but it was awful seeing her like that.
We took her to C-Vet an out of hours clinic, by this time she had 
started to come around a little, we told them what had happened
and that they day before she was frightened and disoriented,
they we in agreement that we had made the right decision for her,
 they did mention medication 
but by the time you do all the test's and see which medication
 would have been right for her, it would have been to much
 of a struggle for her little frail body.

She was a cheeky little so and so with a lot of fight and get up an go 
and we all miss her dearly.
So the card I'm sharing to day is kind of a memorandum  
to this cheeky little she devil we knew as Nahla.

I have used Whimsy Stamps Lazy Kitty
By Artist and Illustrator Crissy Armstrong
I have coloured with copic and pencils to 
try to get a little more definition on the fur.
For inspiration i looked at a few photos of 
colourpoint Persians and Birman's. 

So sorry for the somber tone of my post today.
Have a lovely Sunday


Janette said...

So sorry sweetie, aww bless, but at least she had a wonderful life and was so loved....hugs...xx

Dotty Jo x said...

Its ok to share your sadness - pets are such a big part of our lives. I'm sure she had a great life with you and has left you with many happy memories, Jo x