Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Hello ...Sorry for the my absence

Hello Blog friends so sorry for my total lack of blogging
 last week and the week before, been having a few headaches
and for me theres nothing worse than a white screen for eye dazzle,
I am also sensitive to shades of blue, green and purple.
A few years back we decorated the lounge in green and i can remember
DH complaining that he'd spent over £70 pounds on paint then he
had to repaint it because the colour was giving me headaches lol
as i explained i didn't know until then that i was colour sensitive.

But I'm back and I'm here  to share my DT card for last week and 
For my DT card I have used the adorable Hedgehog with Basket

from Artist and illustrator Lee Holland, I was so stumped for card ideas
that i made a gatefold card i can not remember the last time
i made one of those lo.

Now for my second I just could not resist this gorgeous

German Shepard digi, and to think that dogs
are used to help keep us safe, they help rescue people from collapsed
building sniff out Semtex in bombs and help to keep our streets drug free.
They are also trained to take a bullet for their handler, and people say
its just a dog they really are so much more, its an officer just like its handler.
I'm so sorry if i sound a little preachy just an avid animal lover.

Have a lovely evening and before i go I will share a little
secret with you fine friends tomorrow is Day 1 of Whimsy Stamps
September  release and there are a lot of cute stamps in this collection.
Take care for now friends and i will see you fine folk tomorrow

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