Tuesday, 21 August 2012

One of these is my future pup

Good afternoon peeps I thought i would share these photos
 with you guys, one of theses gorgeous puppies will
be mine, aren't they just adorable they are just 3 
weeks old and cute as buttons. They are all Seal and White
all that means is the tips of there fur is black.

We were suppose to be having a little girl, there are only 
two in the litter, so we will be having a boy instead, we are so
stuck on the the name for him now, it will either be
 Riley or Maverick I quite like Finn and Huck ,
 after the loveable and very cheeky Huckleberry Finn 
but DH isn't so keen.

well thanks for letting me share this with you my lovelies
have a good afternoon 


jackid said...

Hi Bridget
these ickle babies are gorgeous I am welling up just looking at them we lost our German shepherd 2 weeks ago
it was very sudden so we are struggling to get our heads round it and seeing these oh they are adorable
good luck with choosing one I think Finn is a brilliant name (might just nick that one if we decide to have another at some point)
ooohhhh puppy breathe love it lol
Jacki xx

Aunty Sue said...

oh you naughty thing i want one. my buddy is nursing a poorly foot got stung on the feild. I like the top one and the whitish one facing on the 2nd picture

Vicky said...

Aww so adorable Hun...and my hubby wants one now..lol...and said he would call him trig after trigger in only fools and horses..!! Yep he is barking mad..hehehe..xx

Fluffles said...

Beautiful - why not get two, Huckleberry & Finn? Jx


Aw these are so gorgeous and cute Bridget i bet you cannot wait
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Squirrel x said...

Awwh, just ook at the ickle diddums!! Me wanna cuddle! Love the name Finn. Not so sure about Huck, you gotta be really careful how you shout that one out hun ........ Hugs Sxx

downrightcrafty said...

oh hun, I remember when my baby (okay horse) was this tiny how adorable, so difficult to choose when all so cute. Little darlings just want to pick up and cuddle them all (hope you did for all of us)
Hugs Kate xx

sue - bearhouse said...

Awwwwwwwww, how lovely!!

Hugs Sue

tilly's crafts said...

ooh bridget, they're just adorable! there's not much nicer than cuddling a puppy is there! keep us updated with pics!
Kim x

Sandra H said...

Oh Hazel they are all such cuties l would like them all !! x

Alyce said...

:O.............OMG! LOVE!!! Can't wait til you get one you HAVE to post piccies!!! :D

sassy said...

oh my these pups are so adorabley cute i want one too.....but my daft cat wouldnt like it.dont they just melt your heart ....love sassyxxx

Janette said...

OMG Bridget I could cry they are soooo adorable....I would just love one, the most gorgeous dog....oh I love all thise names...lol....xxx