Friday 2 September 2022

Practice colouring

Hello Blog landers how's life been treating you this week?

I've been having a play with my they were all a bit dirty and in desperate 

need of a clean when I did a couple of these images, although they turned out ok

I'd imagine they'd look much better with clean nibs and full barrels.

I love Krista Leigh Smith stamp's, I've been collecting them

 since they were made in rubber. I don't own every image but I have most,

They are so great for practicing hair, I still haven't managed to get lots of individual 

strands but I'm not going to give up yet lol

The first two I'm sharing were colouring with dirty pens so they aren't great

so without further ado......

This little cutie was from Krista Patreon digit she was an exclusive
I think, I did look in her store to see if she was available.
again she's been coloured with dirty markers, but she turned out
 too cute not to share.

This is Traveller, I downloaded a photo of a nebula and took inspiration from that 
for colouring but because my Copic's were filthy
 I tried to hide the messy ink with stars but I went a bit overboard with them. 
The one thing I love about this colouring is the reflection.

Have an amazing weekend my friends and I will see you back here tomorrow

Have a lovely rest of the day and thank you so much for stopping by 😍

TTFN Mwah xoxo



Ivy Segarra-Steele (Ivette) said...

Hi Bridget, if these were created with dirty markers, then I can only imagine what a fully loaded and clean ones would produce. You did a very nice job. {{{Padding you on the back}}} 👍🏼

Janette said...

Hi Bridget, colouring was never a problem for you, always super results and perfect shading. Like Ivy says if this was done using dirty markers then wow, goodness knows what we have to look forward too.xx

Sandra H said...

Wow both cards are stunning and coloured so beautifully x

Janette said...

Stunning card again Bridget, weirdly I thought I had been and commented on here, it must be FB I do get myself in a twist with it all.xx